Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Saving energy during this winter : Weatherstripping.

Winter is heavily hitting in North East United States and many part of the world. Marketing world promotes energy saving products. Here are some easy tips to save energy and money. I was in Home Depot recently to purchase something that I can use to protect my windows which are currently gushing with cold windy air. I found several weather-stripping products and materials. I picked something which I can afford and easily put.

These are the common things needed for saving energy….

1) Identify number of windows , doors , patio doors that you feel have some level of air leakage.
2) Basic tools like measuring tape, hair dryer, scissors , nails, hammer etc..
3) V-Seal Weatherstrip (Plastic self strip), Rubber form weather strips.
4) Time and willingness….

Step 1: Clean the window or door.

Please make sure to clean the window side and door using soapy water, baby wipes. This helps to make sure there are no dusts or sticky items in the window jam. This is the place the lower slash sliced in. This is one of the common entry for cold air. You also need to clean lower slash along with window jam. Keep clean any part that you are going stick the weather seal.

Step 2: Install the weather seal and V-Seal weatherstrip.

In order to stick the weather seal, we need to take the measure of the window and cut the weather seal. Once after you cut this you place this bottom of the lower slash and stick it. Same way measure the side of the window and cut the V-seal and place to the side putting as V-shape. You have to fold this V-Seal and strip out the paper , please see this use full video as well to help you to get more details.

Step 3: Verify your doors and rooms.

Verify all the rooms and try to close the rooms which are not using. Put something below the window so the heat won’t spread. You can also close vent for the unused rooms. This way you can prevent loosing heat.

Step 4: Using caulking cord.

This is another useful to prevent outside air. You can locate the window side , door side or patio side and put this caulking cord. This will prevent air to come in.

There are many ways to prevent the cool air come in , most of the weatherstrip things are available in Home depot and Lowe's. It was very useful for me and I am really saving energy and some dollars…

Hope you do the same , so that you can save energy and money…..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Entertainer Michael Jackson passes away

Music King... Sulthan of Disco...Passed away at the age of 50. He is a born talent with universal language of music. Around the world people stunned with shocking news...

He is very influential singer and dancer..
He admitted today at UCLA Medical Center and later today with cardiac arrest..


He always been accused with various charges and finally he gone back to his creator.

World will remember him for his outstanding talent...